Soccer Camp @ Gold Coast Sports Academy allows youth soccer players of all levels to develop their abilities and further their passion for the world’s “beautiful game”. Our coaches are professionally licensed, (United States Soccer Federation and/or National Soccer Coaching Association of America), and are prepared to teach the many varied aspects of the game to the various ages and talents of players, from intramural to academy levels. All campers will be evaluated by our staff to determine where focus will be placed to better develop and challenge each player. They will also be given constant feedback on the players’ development as camp progresses. Areas of focus will include:



Athletes will be introduced to basic footwork drills, as well as developing gross motor skills, coordination, and conditioning. The focus will be on first touch and first step, dribbling, and striking the ball. Instruction will focus on developing the pillar that is the foundation of soccer - the technical ability to win, receive, possess, and deliver a soccer ball. All sessions will end with a scrimmage that puts into practice the topics of the session.


Athletes will perform more complex footwork, skill moves, and conditioning drills specifically designed for the game. Continued development of main skills, (first touch, first step, dribbling, striking), will continue with the addition of defending, 1-v-1, 2-v-1, 2-v-2, 3-v-2, heading, shooting, chipping the ball, and striking a volley. Possession will also be introduced, first in numbers up situations, then in even play, and competitive game situations will be played out.


Soccer players will participate in high-intensity conditioning to obtain match fitness. Focus will be on both individual and team concepts developed with training sessions recreating match situations. Instruction will be on taking basic principals and using them to change a game – first touch, but to create space and time; dribbling, but to beat an opponent; possession, but with a purpose. At this level, all youth soccer players will have been introduced to the four pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, physical, and psychological, (all necessary to play the world’s beautiful game). They will also be trained in FIFA’s spirit of Fair Play – playing a ball out when an injured opponent is on the ground, following the laws of the game, being a positive role model to younger players, beating an opponent by skill and not unfair methods, keeping one’s composure at all times.

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