At Gold Coast Sports Academy (GCSA) we are dedicated to the growth of our athletes both on and off the field. Our structured, targeted instruction methods, developed by top coaches, help to focus skill development based on individual need. While providing premier sports instruction we also ensure a positive environment to foster social development and sportsmanship.

Our athletes finish our program having not only improved in their sport, but growing as young adults. This balance of skill and social development through sport is what sets GCSA apart from other premier sports camps.


Who are the coaches and staff at Gold Coast Sports Academy?

Gold Coast Sports Academy staff is comprised of experts in their sports who have played or coached at the highest level. Most importantly our coaches and staff love sharing their love of sport with athletes no matter what age or skill level.

Does my child need to be an elite or premiere athlete to register for a Gold Coast Sports Academy ?

No, There are no tryouts and we strive to meet your child's athletic ability and ensure that every child grows as a person and as an athlete.

How will I know what my child has learned or what they need to work on as an athlete?

Every athlete will participate in an initial skill evaluation on their first day and a final skill evaluation at the end of the week. You will be provided with a written overview of what they have learned and points of emphasis moving forward. These "evaluation activities" are COMPLETELY low stress and occur within the context of the day.

What does my child eat for lunch?

Every child is provided with a hot lunch and the option to substitute that lunch. They will also be provided one or two snacks during the day. Please let us know if there are allergies or other dietary considerations.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is available for an additional cost.

If my child goes to Gold Coast Sports Academy for more than one week in the same sport, will they learn new things?

YES! If you choose to attend camp for 2 or more weeks, our staff will develop an individual development plan based upon the progress your child has made.

Is there medical staff on site?

Yes. We have a health director (an EMT or Nurse) on site during the entirety of the camp day. They are there to deal with any illness or injuries that might arise during the day, and to coordinate with you regarding any medical issues that are important for Gold Coast Sports Academy staff to monitor while at camp.

How do you deal with water breaks and rest periods?

There are mandatory water breaks, and rest and restore periods built into each activity, as well as during the course of the day between periods, every day.

How old do you need to be to attend a GCSA sports academy?

GCSA Summer Sports Academy is for a boys, girls, and teens ages 5-16. Athletes ages from 5-7 will be grouped in our Junior Varsity Division that will promote developmental skills in that select sport. Athletes aged 8 and older will be grouped in our Varsity Division focused on a more competitive atmosphere for sports growth. 

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