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Our Philosophy - "Growth Through Sport"

Gold Coast Sports Academy brings together dynamic and well-known college and professional coaches and athletes from across the country to provide participants with a premiere sports training and development program.

Personal growth and sportsmanship are at the heart of our program, and our coaching staff is devoted to ensuring that these values are a part of every skill, drill, and game we coach. We believe athletics provides athletes the opportunity to grow both on and off the field, and learn life lessons while training and competing.

A team of positive, passionate coaches and athletes are at the heart of the Gold Coast Sports Academy experience.

Gold Coast Sports Academy has developed a multi-faceted, high-level training program that focuses on both individual skills that will allow athletes to take their game to the next level, and the tactics and strategy of game play that will help make them a team leader.

Our athletes love their sport, and at Gold Coast Sports Academy we love providing each athlete with the kind of personalized attention that allows every athlete to maximize their own potential.

A Typical Day at Gold Coast Sports Academy

A typical day at Gold Coast Sports Academy consists of three core elements: Individual Skill Development, Game Tactics & Strategy, and Physical Conditioning.

At the end of each athlete’s stay at Gold Coast Sports Academy our coaching staff provides each athlete with a progress report in each of these three core elements and will serve not only as a measure of their success in summer but as a road map for further development during the year.

“Growth Through Sport” is the ideal that makes Gold Coast Sports Academy a place where every athlete can flourish.

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