Beginner Level (Pee-Wee)

1. Rules of the Game

The rules of basketball are a very important place to start from. Getting to know them is the basis for any developing player.

2. Skill Development

To become a good player, you must learn good form and technique. Skills during this level include: running, throwing, catching, athletic stance/footwork, blocking and conditioning.

Intermediate Level (Youth)

1. Positional Development

Positional development is key to scoring. When focusing on this objective, we hone in and focus on developing a solid foundation around the sport of football.

2. Skill Development

We continue to improve our repertoire by learning and practicing more advanced skills. Skills include running with the ball, passing, receiving, blocking, punting/kicking, game strategy, strength training and cardio conditioning.

Advanced Level (NFL)

1. Advanced Position Training

Let's strengthen our skills by focusing on advanced training on passing, route running, receiving, advanced blocking, punting/kicking, athletic stance/explosiveness, strength training/cardio and conditioning.

2. Structured Game Play

Putting it all together into a cohesive and fluent performance is what structured play is all about. We'll be taking all we've learned so far and seeing how it all fits together.
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