GCSA Basketball Camp provides athletes with a full week of skill development and game play. In addition, the importance of teamwork and team-building exercises will be incorporated into every day’s activities. Key skills, such as those outlined below, have been delineated to allow our athletes to achieve their full potential in a short time.



Athletes will be introduced to basic basketball skills including dribbling, passing (chest and bounce pass), shooting (lay-ups), and rebounding. Offensive and defensive footwork fundamentals will also be introduced. Athletes will learn the rules of the game in preparation for structured game play.


Further development of basketball fundamentals will occur. This includes; dribbling skills such as the crossover, between the legs, and change-of pace; passing such as the over-head, baseball, and off-the-dribble; shooting such as jump shots and foul shots. Structured offensive strategy will begin to be introduced including cutting and moving without the ball and ball screens. Further development of defensive skills will take place including introduction of defensive principles such as man-to-man and zone defense.


Athletes will be separated by position to focus on development of guard play versus post play. Instruction on basketball moves and individual offense within structured gameplay will take place. Advanced dribbling skills (behind the back, spin, inside-out) and shooting skills (three point and perimeter shooting) will also be taught. Focus will be given to structured 5 on 5 game play, with an emphasis on effective offensive and defensive execution. Advanced game strategy such as full court press defense, half court trap defense, and fast break offense principles will be included.

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