Beginner Level (Bronze)

Basket Boy

1. Rules of the Game

The rules of basketball are a very important place to start from. Getting to know them is the basis for any developing player.

2. Offensive Footwork

Defensive footwork needs to be drilled just as much as offensive footwork. Proper defense and effective footwork begin with the stance. The defensive stance is neither natural nor comfortable, which is why many players struggle to defend in the correct stance. We will work on teaching you the correct habits of a good defensive player.

3. Passing (Bounce and Chest)

Basketball is a team game in which all players are involved with the process of playing the game and should function as one. One of the primary skills created to accomplish this is passing. Here we will be learning about the two most basic variations of the pass: the bounce pass and the chest pass.

4. Basic Dribbling

While passing may be the quickest way to move the ball, dribbling is the most individualistic skill of any player. Here we practice the basics of dribbling: hand positioning, fingertip control, correct stance, ball position and keeping your head up.

5. Lay-Ups

The layup is considered the most basic shot in basketball where a two-point shot attempt is made by leaping from below, laying the ball up near the basket, and using one hand to bounce it off the backboard and into the basket. Although basic, this shot needs to be drilled into shape before we can move into more advanced shots.

6. Basic Shot Technique

To become a good shooter, you must learn good basketball shooting form and technique. We're not aiming for perfection at this stage but rather looking for any major flaws in each player's approach that, if not fixed, will prevent the player from ever becoming a consistent shooter.

Intermediate Level (Silver)

1. Ball-handling

Ball handling is the most important skill in the game, and it can only be improved with doing handling drills. With good ball handling the rest of the game comes to you, passing and shooting become natural because the ball is always where you want it.

2. Passing (Over-the-Head, Off-the-Dribble)

We continue to improve our passing repertoire by learning and practicing another basic variation, the over-the-head pass, as well as an advanced one - the dribble pass.

3. Off-hand layups

Attacking the basket off the dribble for a left-handed layup can be a very useful move in any player's arsenal. Doing off-hand layup drills will also improve your off-hand strength and precision as well as make you a more consistent shot.

4. Foul Shooting

It is almost impossible to overemphasize the importance of free throws, both to teams and to players. Free throw shooting is a unique skill. It is the only thing in all sports that every player should be good at. It is the only skill that the offensive player controls in its entirety. Here we will make sure you get the practice you need to develop this important skill.

5. Jump Shots

A reliable jump shot isn’t easy to master, but it’s something that everyone can work on and become proficient at. For young players growing into the game, developing a jump shot is an essential part of becoming an offensive threat.

6. Offensive Strategy

The various types of offenses are designed to use teamwork to free up or isolate players for good shots against a multitude of defenses. Offenses must be simple with the emphasis on execution and fundamentals. Here we will learn about early, set, motion, zone and spread offenses.

7. Defensive Strategy (Zone vs Man-to-Man)

Defense is the foundation of any successful basketball team. This is because having a good and solid defense can help in preventing or limiting your opponents from scoring, whether you are playing man-to-man defense, zone defense, or a combination of both aspects. We will be practicing both types of defensive play here.

Advanced Level (Gold)

1. Positional Play

The rules of basketball do not define any specific player positions. This is different from many other major sports like football, baseball, and soccer where at least some players must be in certain positions during the play of the game (the goalie in soccer, for example). So the positions in basketball are more part of an overall strategy of the game. Here we'll go over the 5 traditional positions that most teams have in their offense and defensive schemes.

2. Advanced Dribbling Skills

Once you've mastered the basics of dribbling, then you can graduate onto the more advanced moves. However, all of these dribbling moves are best perfected by practicing drills before you take them onto the court. There are a varied amount of dribble moves that can be used in basketball, and it's up to your individual style as to which move to use and at which time.

3. 1:1 Moves

Individual offense is often called one-on-one basketball moves. Their purpose is to create separation from the defenders to get enough space and time to either shoot or make a play with a good pass.

4. 3-Point Shooting

Lots of players would like to be able to increase their shooting range and become a good 3-point shooter. Practicing 3-point shots in competitive settings, at full match speed is key to mastering this skill, and here we will be doing just that.

5. Structured Game Play

Putting it all together into a cohesive and fluent performance is what structured play is all about. We'll be taking all we've learned so far and seeing how it all fits together.

6. Advanced Game Strategy (Full Court Press, Half-Court Trap, Fast Break offense)

Here we will be practicing some of the most commonly used strategies that have the whole team working towards the same specific goal, to capitalize on the enemy team's weaknesses or to defend against their fortes.
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